Artist's Statement
Tranquility in the midst of daily turmoil. The Japanese have a word for it: Seijaku. Seijaku isn’t an escape from the world that surrounds us. Rather, it is the seeking of serenity in the midst of chaos; the finding of true inner quiet as the world churns around us.
I have always been fascinated by the dichotomy between order and chaos—especially in today’s constant barrage of media and technology. The use of binary code in this series is not about the code itself. Rather its distortion and randomness are symbols of the tumult from which we move toward peace, order and simplicity.
In Seijaku I suggest to the viewer that the journey to serenity can start with a break from the routines of an active life; a move toward simplicity, order and balance, a discovery of the calm pond at the heart of us.
                        A way to stillness.

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Seijaku #711
Oil on Linen

Seijaku #712
Oil on Canvas

Seijaku #714
Oil on Canvas

Seijaku #716
Oil on Canvas

Seijaku #705
Oil on Canvas

Frances holds a BFA in painting and drawing from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. She has exhibited nationally and internationally in solo, group and museum shows:
Brownsville Museum of Fine Art, Brownsville, TX
Nagasaki Art Museum, Japan
Civic Gallery, Yokohama, Japan
Riverside Art Museum, Riverside, CA
Frosinone, Italy
Oceanside Museum of Art, Oceanside, CA
Chelsea Art Museum in New York, NY
Museum of Contemporary Art, Fort Collins, CO.
Most Recently, Frances was invited to exhibit at Metropolitan State College’s Center for Visual Arts, Women in Abstraction as a companion exhibit to the Denver Art Museum’s exhibit Women in Abstract Expressionism. She has taught  painting at Colorado School of Mines, Red Rocks Community College. Frances curated five “FUSION” exhibits, a collaboration of artist and poets. Currently she is represented by K Contemporary, Denver, CO, ART2 Boulder, Boulder, CO and Globe Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM.


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