Artist's Statement

My work is architecturally inspired adornment for space that is reaction to life, nature and interpersonal communication. I draw inspiration from the dynamics of the western landscape, the traditional art forms of Oceanic, Asian and Northwest Coast Native American cultures as well as from modern architectural achievements. The blending of cultural references in my work refers to the merging or borrowing of Eastern and Western cultures within each other, resulting in a homogenizing world.

Each sculpture starts with a strong simple form(s) and is created out of metal, stone and wood. The dynamics and form narrate the story behind each piece describing something that I see within myself or in the world around me. The incorporation of architecture references the way in which knowledge, wealth and great accomplishments of past civilizations are marked and evaluated through their art and architectural creations. The results are pieces that narrate dynamics within our world.

Each piece carries a message of seeking balance within our selves, one another, and with our environment. My work inspires the viewer to value and hold respect for Nature while encouraging a new view of going forward into the future seeking balance. Incorporating art into life, and life into art, are my goals—and I am driven to pursue them as far as I can.

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Arise, 2017

Bell Torii, 2015
Steel, Cedar and Antique Bell

Bill’s Cut #1, 2014
Cement, Steel and Maple Wood

Duet, 2017
Steel and Sandstone

NY Horizon, 2016
Steel and Wood (Alder, Mahogany)
Tree in the City, 2016
Steel and Wood (Cherry, Mahogany)

Education, Workshops and Lectures:
BFA Metropolitan State College Denver 2008
Anderson Ranch 2016: Vivian Beer “Realizing Digital Design”
Anderson Ranch 2011: Mark Cezark “Ideas in Steel”
Anderson Ranch 2009: Carl Reed “Developing Steel Sculpture”
Hoss Haley (COMA conference): Lecture, slide show and demos
Bill Dawes (COMA conference): Workshop and demos
2018 Sculpture in the Park, Show and Sale, Benson Sculpture Park Loveland, CO
2017 Sculpture in the Park, Show and Sale, Benson Sculpture Park Loveland, CO
2016 Own an Original, Show and Sale Littleton Museum of Art Littleton, CO
2016 Sculpture in the Park, Show and Sale, Benson Sculpture Park Loveland, CO
2015 Local artist show, Vilona Gallery, Boulder, CO
2012 Bold Doors– Community based art exhibition and juried competition Boulder, CO
2011 26th Annual National Juried Fine Art Show, Louisville Art Association, CO
2007 “99 Pieces on the Wall” art auction VSA Arts of Colorado
2007 Metro Now- Juried student exhibition- Honorable mention, Denver, CO
2006 Metro Now- Juried student exhibition, Denver, CO


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