Artist's Statement

Surrealism and abstract elements form the foundation of my work. With an improviser's mind, I set elements into play until achieve an imagery which simultaneously suggests micro/macrocosm and internal/external space. I favor chance encounters in the painting process, juxtaposing familiar images against free form manipulations of paint to produce unpredictable effects that evoke species of the natural world, pure abstractions, and even otherworldly beings. Recently, animation-like creatures are emerging from my Japanese subconscious.

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Atom 24
Acrylic, Oil and Resin Collage

Atom 25
Acrylic, Oil and Resin Collage

Felix 30
Acrylic, Oil and Resin Collage


Felix 45
Acrylic, Oil and Resin Collage

Nocturnal Animals 1
Acrylic, Oil and Resin Collage

Nocturnal Animals 2
Acrylic, Oil and Resin Collage

A Tour of our Artist: Art Boulder, Boulder, CO
Felix and Atom: Gallery IMA, Seattle, WA
Painting by Gallery Artists: RB Stevenson Gallery, CA
From the Studio: RB Stevenson Gallery, La Jolla, CA
New Works: Globe Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM
Desert Calligraphy: Gallery IMA, Seattle, WA
Dallas Art Fair with the Turner Carroll Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
Annual Exhibition: Gallery IMA, Seattle, WA
Shapes of Things to Come: Gallery IMA, Seattle, WA
Permutation Unfolding: Root Division, San Francisco, CA
New Faces: Costello Childs, Scottsdale, AZ
Reclamation: New Trends In Bay Area Collage and Assemblage
Studio Quercus, Oakland, CA
Visual Aid. SOMArts Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Box Art 2010. Pro Arts Gallery, Oakland, CA
East Bay Open Studios. Uptown Gallery, Oakland, CA
CD cover art for Sentinel


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