Artist's Statement

My work is acrylic on paper. My process is done intuitively, by layering and removing the paint, adjusting the colors shapes, marks and lines in a balance of spontaneity and careful editing. I am intrigued by ancient times, places and symbols, and strive to evoke a feeling of this using my personal language. I aim to create a painting with a spirit all its own.
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Altar VI
28X36 Framed
Acrylic on Paper

Cave Writing
22x30, 28x36 Framed
Acrylic on Paper

Memory Code VI
22x30, 36x28 Framed
Acrylic on Paper

Notes in Blue
36x28 Framed
Acrylic on Paper

30x22, 36x28 Framed
Acrylic on Paper

Whispers of the Past
36x28 Framed
Acrylic on Paper

  • Obtained a degree from Penn State in art education.
  • Featured in several exhibits in Colorado and Virginia.
  • In many private collections—as well as with IBM, SAS in Cary, NC, and others.
  • Taught water media workshops for 30 years throughout United States and Canada.
  • An elected member of National Watercolor Society and American Watercolor Society, including a Dolphin Fellowship.
  • Served as juror for national and international exhibits across the country, including AWS six times and NWS three times.

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