Artist's Statement

Lie in the grass or on a sidewalk or on your roof. Look at the sky. Feel your boots laced tight around your calves. Pile rocks. Get dirty. Take the tv antenna off your forehead. Be where you are, even for a snap.

We are lured by the fastest, cheapest, biggest. We forget about authenticity. Art takes time. We are taught that there is value in canned, pre-packaged, foil-wrapped and zip-locked. There are too many plastic things marketed as originals. We all have stories to tell. Use this work as a prompt for your own story. Be present and see. Be curious.

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Cloudy Days

Factory of Orange

Fly Me Home

Lost in Greens and Blues

Stripe Me Up and Down

The Place We Have Lived

Write It All In the Sky

Lori Swartz began as a metal smith, creating sculpture, furniture and jewelry. She is also a painter, writer and a performer of circus arts (acrobatics, aerial fabric and aerial chain). Working as a multi-media artist has allowed her to express herself in ways that are both private and public.  She does not have divided loyalties. She has one loyalty (art), with multiple expressions.

Her work can currently be seen in galleries and boutiques across the country.
Representation Galleries
AMP Gallery, Provincetown, MA
ArtBank Santa Fe, NM
Artifact, Taking Back Orange Show, Santa Fe, NM
David Richards Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
El Cosmico, Marfa, TX
Galerie Colorida, Lisbon, Portugal
Gallery Ima Seattle, WA
Golden Foundation Made in Paint, New Berlin, NY
Hangar Gallery, Miami, FL
Keep Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM
Mariposa Gallery Albuquerque, NM
Metallo Gallery, Madrid, NM
Range West, Madrid, NM
Santa Fe Collective, Santa Fe, NM
Selby Fleetwood Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
Studio 14, Madrid, NM
The Fountain Art Fair, New York City, NY
William and Joseph Gallery, Santa Fe, NM


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